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200 and counting

200 and counting published on

Did you miss us?


We missed you.


We have been out getting a little redesign and are about ready for regular updates of our adventures.  Things will be a little different this time around.  We might not be doing the Mon-Fri uploads every week but we will continue with a regular update approach.  Basically we are looking at a few times a week since the goal is to do something a little different.  Once we hit that stride and get our rhythm we might be able to do the daily, but at the moment we make no promises.


But with all that said.  WE are back!  Time to keep the adventure going.

Things are rolling along nicely here with Even Steven especially now that he has his traveling companion Mini Maxx.


We are having a lot of fun putting things together and having the little adventures.  What started out as an every other day adventure that went on a long hiatus has not evolved into a Mon-Fri adventure – with the occasional weekend page for special occasions.  A new addition being added is Field Trip Fridays.  Each Friday Steven and Maxx will be visiting a very recognizable landmark or object.  This is brand new that started with the guys seeing a Lunar Lander at the Air and Space Museum, so stay tuned for more.

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