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Time for a fresh start

Time for a fresh start published on

Even Steven was getting tired of being the token skeleton in the desert. Sure things would get exciting when adventures would blow his way but he got bored being just part of the background.

After having enough of being crawled on by snakes and scorpions while baking in the sun barely noticed while thrill seekers fought bandits, saved the girls/country/planet, Even Steven decided enough was enough and left.

Call it karma, call it fate, call it good timing, but in trying to figure out what ES was to do he crossed paths with Joshua. You see, Joshua did a photo project in 2011 where he took a picture every odd day (Odd-Day-T…oddity) in celebration of the odd numbered year. Joshua wasn’t sure what he would do for 2012, but he knew it had to be involving the even days. After much negotiating E.Steven teamed up with Joshua. ES thought it was very fortunate that Joshua was looking for an even day project and Steven had Even as part of his name – it couldn’t have worked out better really.

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